The Rewards of Re-Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of reading selections of W.E.B Du Bois’ work The Souls of Black Folk¬†three times, including as an assignment for this class. The most consistent element of my praise is how singular Du Bois’ voice is: it seems to reverberate in the historical context, in the philosophical context, in the literary context, and in the present day. I know of very few works, literary or otherwise, that have that wide of a reach.

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A Threat or a Call to Action?

Throughout our class time we have discussed recursion in the grander sense: in major events such as life and death, seasons and the spin of fortune’s wheel. On the other hand, in the midst of these dense topics, I wonder where recursion occurs in the day to day. I wonder how the patterns that people fall into on a daily basis can be informed by a grander scale, and what the effects of that collision are like.

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