“Anabaptist Content”

Amid a welcome uptick in posts (all quite thoughtful!), I thought you’d be interested in “White supremacy and class privilege in Detroit,” an essay from The Mennonite, an online publication that in offering “Anabaptist content” invites connections with both Flournoy’s The Turner House and Morrison’s A Mercy.

From the beginning of the essay:

We have had the privilege of serving with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and We The People Of Detroit, a grassroots organization started by five African-American women in 2008.

Through door-to-door canvassing, crisis hotline phone banking, water deliveries and soup kitchen service, we have witnessed neighborhoods—almost entirely comprised of African-American residents—pummeled by water shutoffs, mortgage and tax foreclosures, shuttered and poorly funded schools, lackluster public transportation, darkened streetlights and limited access to healthy food.

Meanwhile, we have been surprised to learn that business contracts, foundation grants, bank loans and government decisions overwhelmingly benefit young white suburban refugees eager to participate in Detroit’s comeback.


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