Finding Shelter

I have been thinking about our activity of finding shelter since our class today. When we all began to share the locations we chose, I found it interesting how each person’s differed for varying reasoning. Kaitlin and I headed over to Brodie where we found an alcove that was locked and had an awning. In my head, I found this to be a perfect location because of the awning and the ability to close a door, but I never thought about the ability to lock the door. When someone was saying they chose their location due to safety, it never occurred to me that I would need safety from others. I have concluded that this could be the result of two ideas: one, I misinterpreted the assignment, or two, safety is not something that I regularly think about because I am very trusting of my surroundings.

Today, before class, my friends and I were going into the bookstore, and I didn’t want to carry my backpack, so I left it on a couch in the Union. My friends thought I was crazy for leaving my things unattended, but it never occurred to me that someone would deliberately steal something. I think part of this mindset is because of the “Geneseo bubble” which is supposed to be sheltered from the rest of the world.

There are two definitions of shelter(ed). When I googled the term, there were two definitions:

  1. (of a place) protected from bad weather.
  2. protected from difficulties or unpleasant realities.

For the assignment, I took the term shelter as finding a place to be protected from bad weather, not bad people like others did. That is a very real concern that people who are homeless must consider. Not only are extreme weather conditions an issue, but also trust in humanity as a whole. I demonstrated the second definition of sheltered when I left my backpack out on a couch. I think this is something I need to reflect on to have a better understanding of the course and myself.

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