Social Climate Change and the Xenogenisis Trilogy

After my research abroad on the concept of social climate change over the summer in Dakar, Senegal, I find it difficult to not relate climate change back to almost all things I learn about.  Social climate change explains how the changing climate affects the way people interact with each other, themselves and their surroundings.  A war is referenced several times during both Dawn and Adulthood Rites as the reason their planet was destroyed.  This leads me to wonder the immensity that humans will go to, to ruin their environment and each other. The war has caused them to have to completely adapt to a new life on Earth after their experiences on the ship with the Oankali.  This brings back thoughts and forces me to consider the issues of human adaption in regards to climate change.  As our technology begins to improve, so does our weaponry and war tactics.  In my opinion, this poses a threat to our environment and interactions with one another.  If we destroy our world and its climate / environment, how will humans be able to interact and form relationships after they have destroyed each other’s Earth. When put in the simulation of Earth on the ship, it is clear that the humans were able to feel more calm when they were in a familiar environment with the Oankali out of sight.  This forces me to consider the way humans would react if the visual of their Earth was completely altered by the act of climate change.  Additionally, I almost find myself wishing that Butler would discuss more about the war and bring up the topics of why the war happened.  In my eyes, most wars are fought with hopes of protecting the people, the religion, country (etc.) we care about.  However, as we discussed in class, care is the antidote to violence, therefore if we love Earth, will that inevitably lead to us destroying it?  If this is the case, human connections will also be lost.  Much like in the Xenogenesis Trilogy, people will be forced to come to terms with their ‘humanity’ and just what is ‘human.’  To me, it is frightening to think how easily people can turn against each other, almost like a form of desensitization, when placed in a different environment, which is exactly what is happening to humans as the climate changes.  Through my research abroad I found how easily it may be for humans to become desensitized as their environment changes if they neglect to find a healthy way to cope as a whole.  In my studies, historical monuments are becoming destroyed and cemeteries are being washed up due to the rise in sea levels.  If parts of our Earth’s history  get destroyed through our changing climate and war, that may lead humans to have to create a whole new Earth and form of humanity.


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