What Is Necessary vs. What is Right

I think that in doing this project as a group, we are illustrating one of the issues that we came across in our readings with Octavia Butler: even though we try to be as inclusive as a democracy as possible, we still reject the ideas of others based on the majority. One group is always left out, or left unpleased with the end result. It illustrates that we ignore others for the sake of the majority. This is supposed to be a justification – the majority wants it, therefore it is fair, and we shall give it to them. But more so, it emphasizes to everyone that we are ok, we are fine, with ignoring the minority who did not want to do this project because we cannot think of a better option right now, in this instance. And it is all for the sake of the group. It is for the sake of our grade. It would seem that doing what is necessary is not always right. That those two words are not as synonymous as we typically take for granted. Although there seems to be multiple layers to doing this group final, it certainly illustrates this struggle on a smaller scale, with a smaller task.

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