The Sullivan Principles

Today, in my International Business class, we talked about Leon Sullivan.  Sullivan was also discussed in a podcast regarding the international principles he established. The Sullivan Principles were initially established in 1977 to prevent international companies from participating in business with South Africa if apartheid was still practiced. As I examined the “Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility” in business class, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Geneseo’s mission statement and the GLOBE outline adopted by the college. The mission statement states; “the entire college community works together to develop socially responsible citizens with skills and values important to the pursuit of an enriched life and success in the world” (SUNY Geneseo). Respecting individuals regardless of their identity or beliefs is a shared social responsibility and expectation of both college students and international business people. By using these expectations of social responsibility, people are able to apply these concepts to tackle problems and generate solutions to global issues. Even though the Sullivan Principles and the GLOBE outline may predominantly be addressing business situations, they are still applicable to everyday life.

I attached the link to the Sullivan Principles below if anyone is interested in looking at them. Sullivan Principles

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