Encompassing the GLOBE Learning Outcomes

The small group discussion today felt different than Monday’s class, as Dr. McCoy acknowledged. I did not realize the change in pace at first, but our group was more engaged and energetic during the conversation and more willing to participate. I think this change occurred because we finally understood what was expected of us in order to successfully complete the project. Everyone was obviously invested on creating a collective paragraph that expressed and combined our opinions about medical voluntourism. Today our group was clearly embodying some of the learning outcomes that we predicted would arise during this project. Leadership and collaboration was demonstrated as we all worked, “to engage others in developing collaborative solutions; to experiment, take risks, and learn from mistakes; to enable, encourage, and recognize contributions to collaborative efforts by all group members” (Globe Learning Outcome 6). For example, we were communicating and challenging each other to think critically and discuss the problem we are responding to. This was further demonstrated as we challenged each other on many sentences, which caused us to think further about the problem to generate a thoughtful paragraph. Today’s exercise proved that this class is capable of creating a positive and significant collaborative project that addresses the problem of medical voluntourism.

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