The Importance of Names

Before we discussed any content on the first day of class back in August, Dr. McCoy had us go around the room and introduce ourselves to the class.  Not only did Dr. McCoy take the time to learn all of our preferred names, she also insisted that we get to know each other by repeating each other’s names.  I was a little skeptical at first because I have never participated in a similar exercise during my college career, but now that is it nearing the end of the semester, I realize how important it was. During class we were able to add to the discussion by contributing to our classmate’s ideas and giving them the credit they deserve by using their name.  Additionally, it would seem counterintuitive to write a collaborative course statement as a class if we didn’t know everyone who was participating in it. Using names in a conversation creates a relationship.  An individual’s name is a unique aspect of their identity, something as simple as addressing a person by their name gives them confidence and will allow for a more successful work environment for all involved.   I work as a nursing assistant over the summer and one of the first things I learned was to greet the patient with their first name and introduce yourself. This small act is the first step towards establishing a relationship with that patient. It is even more important to create a bond with a patient because they are normally very scared in the hospital and you want them to feel comfortable as possible.  Having the ability to address an individual by their name is a simple step, yet a crucial step in establishing an effective and successful relationship.

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