Final Project

Reading Jennifer’s post, I was thinking that maybe I would comment, but I didn’t want to post my own blog post regarding the final. However, I have thought about it and I think that it’s important to get my thoughts out there.

Honestly, I have really struggled with this project. I feel as though everyone else had more intelligent things to say than me, and it has been a exercise in putting some of my thoughts out there to be able to contribute. Even when I did speak up to the whole class, my thought was kind of shot down (for the record, I’m not upset about it, just an example of why it’s a struggle for me to speak out in this class). When I brought the same idea up to the small group, my idea was met with mostly agreement, which shows me that working with 27 other people is really hard. It has been really difficult, especially since–I should say honestly–that the topic of this final really was not of overwhelming interest to me. Ultimately, it has turned out well and I am proud of what we have been able to do as a class. It has been intimidating to say the least, though, to go into class everyday and have everyone speak so enthusiastically about their beliefs regarding what we discussed on the final. I do enjoy reading Butler and I did enjoy being in the class. However, I have found it to be a personal struggle to speak out. I don’t want to take the spark out of everyone else’s enthusiasm.

Again, I’m happy that we did this project. I’m proud of us and I’m especially proud of those who had so many great ideas that made this final amazing. I guess I don’t know where I want to really go with this, but I’m satisfied(?) to see that, like me, other people initially had struggles with this assignment as well.

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