How Far we Have Come

After reflecting on my personal growth in this class in my previous blog post, I began to think about the progress of the class as a whole. Our advancement as a class was evident through our recent class activities.

In class this past week, we worked on our class collective course statement. When we began the project, we focused on Geneseo Learning Outcomes for Baccalaureate Edition (GLOBE). As we were working on this portion of the project, I began to take note of the differences from the beginning of the semester, to now. I also realized how the learning outcomes were evident in our work. 

For example, we used (1)critical and (5)creative thinking in order to come up with unique solutions to change the way people perceive and take on voluntourism. While working in these groups we were forced to (2)communicate our ideas to each other and work together. In addition, we had to show (6)leadership skills and collaborate when suggesting ideas and giving feedback. Using the (4)information and data given in class, (3)we analyzed and calculated a solution. Finally we we were open minded and made sure our solution would (7+8)respect all cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.

This semester has allowed the class as a whole to enhance our GLOBE skills. Although the class in the beginning was focused on informing ourselves, it is imperative to continue educating ourselves, and spreading our knowledge to others.

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