GLOBE in the Real World

I have been working as a nursing assistant at United Health Services (UHS) Hospital for the past two years in the float pool.  This means I can work on any floor in the hospital. Last week, I went home to attend an annual unlicensed nursing assistant education class where I was reminded about the mission statement and values of UHS. While I was listening to the nurse educators talk about the mission statement, I noticed that it correlated with Geneseo Learning Outcomes for Baccalaureate Education (GLOBE) and the college’s own mission statement. GLOBE was created to shape students into “socially responsible citizens” who are able to handle “twenty-first century problems… that are applicable throughout their lives” (GLOBE). By demonstrating the same learning outcomes as GLOBE, Geneseo has prepared students for careers in healthcare and other professions.  While the hospital’s mission statement primarily focuses on delivering exceptional patient care, their core values are similar to the learning outcomes outlined in GLOBE. For instance, GLOBE outlines the importance of leadership and collaboration from their students, which is also relevant to the core value, partnership, that UHS demonstrates. UHS defines partnership as, “using teamwork to accomplish more than any of us could working alone. We believe we can best serve and care for others by blending the talents and dedication of many caring people and organizations” (UHS Mission). I believe this to be one of the most important learning outcomes of GLOBE and values of UHS as I have experienced how difficult teamwork and collaboration can be in the hospital. The hospital would not function and the positive experiences patients have would decrease if people were not communicating and working together. Our final collaborative project is not an easy task as we are trying to combine the voices of thirty unique individuals, but it is excellent practice of the GLOBE learning outcomes, leadership and collaboration. The final project is also applicable to the working world as you will always be collaborating with other people, a hospital is just one example.

Here is the  link to the UHS mission statement and values if anyone was interested in reading it.

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