Zombies Across Media and Novels Alike

The Apocalypse is a subject that everyone has thought about or discussed with friends when trying to come up with something to do. The most common question asked is what would you do if the zombies came after us, which results in a bunch of speculation that was unlikely to happen. There are many quizzes across the internet that will help you figure out whether you would survive post-apocalypse, or anything that is wrought forth with it.  Along with the topic comes the inevitable talk of how its going to happen; will the world end by storm, fire, an outbreak of a disease that separates us into different groups?

Everyone likes to think that they would survive the apocalypse based on the movies or novels they have read. Either secluding themselves in a bunker hidden away from civilization that will keep them safe and occupied for years to come. Or going head first into battle with each other, or against the adversary that was made from the disease or outbreak that has caused the disarray. Most of the time when people think about the Apocalypse, they don’t always think of a weather disaster, there is one thing that comes to the forefront when thinking about the world ending and wanting to survive. And yes, I am talking about everyone’s favorite subject to discuss or avoid: Zombies.

Zombies have had a pivotal role in post-apocalyptic lore across the television. Everybody tries to make their own version of zombies so that their idea can seem original, but they are all seen as the same; slow moving, can be killed by decapitation or fire. From shows or movies such as Game of Thrones, to the Walking Dead, to World War Z, and I Am Legend. Even though none of the motion pictures state there are zombies in it, everyone who has watched them agrees. Even in Zone One there are two new subgroups of Zombies to add to the board of variety.

What classes a zombie as a zombie is the reanimation of a dead human or animal corpse. Everyone has a general sense of how to kill zombies and defeat them. Every show or book that wants to incorporate zombies comes up with their own way to defeat them, but they all tend to fall into the same category. For Game of Thrones, the White Walkers go around behind the wall, turning the dead into wights, extremely fast and strong people who can only be killed by fire or a special material; in the movie I Am Legend, we have a ‘cure’ for cancer that has gone wrong and is turning those infected into these strong creatures (darkseekers) that can’t handle daylight and actually die when exposed to UV light; in World War Z, the zombies can be destroyed by head shots, or the complete destruction of the head; in the Walking Dead, the zombies, or a variety of zombies, with different names for the type they are, and can only be killed by destroying the brain. And recently in Zone One, we have two groups of zombies; one that moves fast and is active in trying to kill you, or one that sits there and doesn’t do very much, and the only way to kill them would be to shoot them in the head, or death by decapitation.

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