Over and Out

In honor of finals week and the semester nearly coming to a close, I found myself almost sad that this would be my last ever blog post. It’s crazy to think that I actually feel sad about being done with school work, but these blog posts truly changed me as a student and as a writer.

Coming into this class, I had absolutely no idea what I would blog about. I never really experienced having to write without having a clear rubric or guidelines. To be honest, this scared me a bit. In high school english classes and my previous english classes at Geneseo, all I had ever worked with was relatively formal writing. The intent of this writing was simply for assignment purposes, and was always handed directly to the teacher. In the case of these blog posts, I actually learned something from the act of doing them. Instead of just writing to get an assignment out of the way, I felt that I was truly writing to express my feelings and ideas that I may have had in class, but didn’t have the courage or time to say it. This not only gave me the opportunity to expand on my ideas for myself and others, but it also gave me the opportunity to share my work with my classmates, rather than just the professor.

I really think that these things truly changed me as a student in many ways. Not only did I learn how to expand on my ideas in my own way, but I learned how to do this without the guidance of a professor or a rubric. Being able to write on my own, in my own way, helped me to see that I am capable of doing much more than I believed I could. It even helped point me in the direction of changing my major to one that I have found out I am so passionate about.

So in conclusion, thank you. Thank you Professor McCoy, thank you TAs, and thank you class. It truly has been a life changing experience being in this class with all of you, and hopefully we cross paths again in the future.

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