Time Management Is Hard

Over the semester, the inflow of new posts on here have not exactly been consistent. In the first weeks of class, I never pictured myself as one of the many frantically posting to reach the required amount. And yet, here I am. I am not going to plant the blame on the assignment itself. If anything, I think the blog posts were a great way to get out opinions and thoughts that we didn’t have room for in the classroom. Many of the posts I have read have been very intriguing and actually inspired me to write more myself. 

I cannot give a clean, concise answer for why I prolonged all my activity on this website. I know for a fact a major contributor was my procrastination. It could have possibly been from lack of a sense of necessity, as there was no due date. There are the classic elements of anxiety that come along with any work shared in a public forum, especially in front of my professor and classmates. It’s strange to think I let the idea of others seeing my work effect me so much, yet I never once felt anything negative about anything I ever saw someone else posting on here. Even more than that, when working together with these same people in class on our collaborative statements, I felt the courage then to share my opinion in person.

Overall, I do not resent any of these factors. I actually believe some of my best posts were written as I was telling myself to get something published so that I won’t fail this course. The blog posts became something slightly personal as well as a way for me to become more comfortable with being public. Now if only I could put this much effort into sounding smart on Twitter.

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