The Irony in Aid

Starting to brainstorm for the final essay with the prompt “Care is the Antidote to Violence”, I’d like to start by exploring Jo Cosme’s tarot cards. Everything about the tarot cards caught my attention from the black and white contrast to the Spanish titles to the visual graphics themselves. One that was particularly memorable was titled “La Ayuda,” translating to “aid” in English. I was curious about the etymology behind the term “aid,” especially it being such a short word; only three letters long.

Aid derives from the Latin ad meaning “toward” along with juvare, meaning “to help.” The Latin term for “aid” is adjuvare but in Old French, the term evolved into “aidier” and then into “aid” in Middle English. The transformation of language can be seen as cyclic and continuously changing and evolving depending on the time period.

The irony of the term “aid” is represented in “La Ayuda” as Trump is seen holding a roll of paper towels, as if he is about to throw them to the people in need. I believe this not only shows a lack of care but also insults the victims of Hurricane Maria. The caption of the card states, “It was a like a joke to him,” proving the lack of care he gave to those affected by the hurricane.

If extra care was given before, during, and after this violent hurricane, I believe not as many lives would have been lost. The aftermath of the ones who lost power would have not been as catastrophic if more care was given. A natural disaster, such a hurricane, cannot be prevented. But if care and attention were given to issues present in society before the natural disaster hit, such as political corruption, the aftermath and outcomes may not be as catastrophic.

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