Looking at Libretto for the Republic of Liberia

When Tolson stated that “the Futurafrique, the accent on youth and speed and beauty, escalades the Mount Sinai of Tubman University, the vistas of which bloom with coeds from seven times seven lands,” I began to look at Afrofuturism in a different light. Previously I thought of Afrofuturism with consideration of Black Panther as an example, while Tolson’s statement describes Afrofuturism without attaching unnecessary constraints on the definition. I think that calling it “the accent on youth and speed and beauty” opens the door of possibility for it as a genre because it accentuates the flexibility in itself (Tolson 581).

One of the actions completed by the Parliament of African Peoples, as listed by Tolson, particularly interested me as I had not heard of the organization prior to this. When I searched it, I found that their objectives include implementing policies in the African Union, instilling human rights and democracy in Africa, let the people of Africa know what the objectives and policies of the African Union are, and ensuring peace, security and stability (Wikipedia). Considering Tolson’s apparent support and enthusiasm for the parliament, I would assume that they have fulfilled these objectives well.

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