I believe that it was really powerful when W.E.B DuBois wrote, “he wouldn’t bleach his negro blood in a flood of white Americanism… He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both.” Although he understands the history and the struggle being black in America comes with, he embraces where he comes from and who he is. While at the same time, it is important for him to acknowledge and still embrace his American culture. However being both black and American is hard not to separate because of all the challenges African Americans have to face. This quote reminds me of the movie Black Panther because one can see the contrast between the Wakandans ( who were her colonized ) and Erik Killmonger ( who grew up being black in America facing racism, ect.) I feel like that quote connects to the black panther movie because of how Killmonger embraces both his ” negro blood ” and being American. We see this in the way he takes the throne and how different he is from the black panther, who is much more traditional.

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  1. I definitely agree with the connection that you made to Black Panther. I think reading DuBois helps us understand Killmonger’s inner struggle a lot better and approach the character with more empathy. Looking at Killmonger within the framework of double consiosness, you can totally see why he somewhat resents (unsure if that’s the right emotion to attribute) how Wakanda prospers so greatly, but stays fairly isolated. If you see Killmonger as constantly trying to reconcile his heritage with his nationality, then it makes sense that he would want Wakandans to step in on behalf of black Americans facing persistent persecution.

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