Week 3 Blog Post

The most interesting thing about this course so far has been the level of interaction with my fellow classmates, and the ability to share different thoughts amongst one another. Having been in a black studies class before, the difference between this one and the last one I have been in is that this class isn’t based on boring lectures by the professor. Not to sound repetitive, but the class is very interactive and gives an open space to share ideas.


The Snead article has by far been one of my favorite reads because of his relation back to culture. My favorite quotes from him states, “In any case, let us remember that, whenever we encounter repetition in cultural forms, we are indeed not viewing “the same thing” but its transformation, not just a formal ploy but often the willed grafting onto culture of an essentially philosophical insight about the shape of time and history.” When Snead said this, the first thing that came to mind was the saying “history repeats itself”. This phrase carries various meanings, but the meaning related to Snead’s phrase is that “through history, the future can be predicted”. In the past, some of the actions of blacks led to either consequences or rewards. Because of the outcome of these actions, we now know the “do’s” and “don’ts” to prevent events from happening again. With afrofuturism, everything comes full-circle and past and current events truly shape the intake on afrofuturism.

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