Repetition in Black and White Cultures

In James Snead, “Black Literature and Literary Theory” he goes in to talking about Black and European cultures. Specifically the meaning of repetition and circulation and how that contributes to the two different cultures. On page 67, the second paragraph, Snead explains how in black culture repetition gives a sense of equilibrium or state of mind. On the other hand European culture, repetition can not be shown everything must seem like a progression even when it is not. I agree completely with this statement and to add on you can see this even now in today’s society in American culture as a whole. In African American culture we often love to incorporate history  in our music and arts. As a way to never forget where our ancestors and people before us came from. In a way this gives us a state of mind.To remember we got this far from the struggles we face before. Continuing to give this cycle of remembrance brings a sense of pride and faith to the black culture. However with European culture I feel like it’s the exact opposite. You can noticeably see this in American politics as well. On media politicians like to sell themselves as being able to make progression happen in America. Politicians make it seem like America is at a standstill, America needs help and it needs a goal and they can help achieve it. This sort of need for progression and goal reaching is what people from western civilization want. Many do not take a step back and look at the things America has overcome as whole.

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