Butler and Jemisin in terms of Afrofuturism

When I read both passages by Butler and Jemisin I immediately got the central idea of religion being a driving force behind the idea of afro futurism. They don’t necessarily fit with the idea of sci-fi or advanced technology in my opinion but I think that how the black community is today is what writers of the past would consider to be afro futurism. In Jemisins story, it uses the idea of keeping the same culture within black communities but now they are even more based on religion. What seems normal in modern day New York may be considered abstract and futuristic to previous generations. Many of the previous generations practiced in superstition, especially in Africa. Superstition is found to clash with religion in Jemisins piece just as it might have back when it was introduced early on.  In Butlers excerpt, religion is used as sort of “ends justifying the means”, using scriptures to justify things like violence in order to protect their own property.

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