Environmental Doubt?

I suppose I could say that this question grew within my odd mind during class today, and perhaps for good reason. The instance of highly examining the environment and that of other social conflicts and or issues is a spurning obstacle that, as a society, I’m sure we manage to overcome with time and through enough effort. With that said, would it be fair for those who hesitate or distance themselves from such activities hold a sense of doubt?

The same doubt that may question oneself to the extent of how capable their contribution via thinking more carefully about their ecological footprint, speaking their mind in regards to social and or political views? Can the same even be said for those many people who hesitate or neglect the thought of voting (myself included)? Would it be fair to consider that the very ambiance of doubt can bring about uncertainty towards their contemporaries and general environments that they altogether ignore the concept of reminding people that they exist? That their substance is just as valid and as important?

This includes reusing material and throwing trash in their respective bins and actually knowing (and caring) if it’s the right place to put it? Of course, I may be thinking too deeply on this subject but could it be something that any of you – or anyone you may know have struggled with?

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