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“Indifference is worse than hate” (341). In The Obelisk Gate, Essun relays her devastation once realizing that one of the people in Castrima has decided that Essun is not a person, because she is a rogga. In that woman’s eyes, roggas are not worthy of humanity due to the way roggas are placed in the social hierarchy in the Stillness. In my perspective, indifference largely stems from ignorance.

With the U.S. midterm elections that just passed, I believe this quote to be more relevant than ever. Politically, I identify with the left party’s ideals, but that does not mean I cannot rationally understand the basic principles of the right. My fundamental thinkings may differ on several wavelengths, however I am always interested in engaging in conversation to further my comprehension of the political climate. Now, having said that, I am exasperated with those who choose to not participate at all. Admittingly, politics is a heavy topic to enter, and can easily become heated with everyone firmly maintaining their respected positions. But to remain completely out of the discussion, is not only a disservice to that person, but to everyone else in the country. Voting is a privilege that many overlook in the United States, while other countries like North Korea must begrudgingly accept their leader. Being blind to such a privilege, in itself, speaks to the privilege a person holds. It is simply an excuse to remain uneducated about the political atmosphere when we are living in a time where information is literally at our fingertips with advancements in technology. To be uninformed is, in my humble opinion, being complicit in the political workings one may disagree with.

In relation with privilege, I think this also nicely highlights people who choose to be “colorblind” to race. For the most part, people who identify as colorblind are cis, fully abled, male, and white, because in America’s society they are, well, at the top of the food chain. They have the privilege to have the option to choose to speak, because they are not directly impacted by everyday atrocities, and usually benefit either way. But, it is truly a shame to be in a position of power and not make use of it, while others struggle to speak at all.

I think indifference can easily consume one’s mindset and is ultimately toxic to one’s proactiveness. All in all, if you have a voice, use it!

For a comedic take on the concept of being “colorblind.” Here is a video from College Humor:

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