“So let’s get to it.”

The Stone Sky’s final line is a fairly uncomplicated thing, a term we often hear shortly before we begin our tenure into an objective, obstacle, so-on. I’m very well clinging for final reasons to fill the white space on a post, but the line itself is a clear-cut statement of motivation and the like. The line in question also provides some resolve in wanting to get things done. Although I am still of course terrified all the same.

Looking back on several of my posts have me truly wondering if any of those posts were out of genuine merit and curiosity or just to fulfill an obligation. The line alone “So let’s get to it” still resonates as an necessity despite whatever intent there may have been. The same can be said for the very foundation for education and the (incredibly) daunting task of obtaining the general license of said majors in order to in extension – obtain a career. No matter the title of this post, it’s still rather daunting all the same to give so much time, effort, and finances to produce the degrees we are highly sought after. This issue has been a stalemate in my own educational progress for a very long time now, which is in itself amazing that some of us are willing to put so much of ourselves towards something we generally have no idea what shall come of it.

With all of that meandering said, I’m reminded of a section on p. 229 of Jemison’s third book – “You know the end to this. Don’t you? How could you be here listening to this tale if you didn’t? But sometimes it is the how of a thing, not just the endgame, that matters most.” What I suppose I could be saying is that the getting to it all brings a great deal of pressure. Getting to it is easier said than done, and I am rather cynical of the whole “fake it ’til you make it” idea. At the very least, there’s no shame in failure as long as we’ve learned something. In a far less detrimental example, caring about a post or not caring as much may be no different, as long as there is something to grasp in the meantime. Essentially this may count as a long-winded “hang in there” for those who may need it.

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