Time is Running Out

As I finish writing this final blog post, with less than an hour to go, I can’t help but think about how time was visibly and literally running out for the people of the Stillness in The Stone Sky. The air was becoming thinker with ash, the acid rains would probably begin soon, everything was dying around them. Even the artics were beginning to show the signs of the season.

If I am this stressed about completing a blog post on time I can only imagine what kind of stress the people of the Stillness were under. Especially since my blog post is only a grade that I will most likely forget about five minutes after the final grade is posted for the class in a couple of weeks. For those people, the timing would have literally been a life or death sentence. Wait too long to return or join a comm, you’re dead. Gather too much in your store cache too quickly it will mold and you will die. Position yourself just right in a comm at the right time and you might survive the season. My stress will pass once I post this, but the people of the stillness will be stressed until the season ends and most likely quite sometime after that while society readjusts itself to normal times once again.


*I know this post is very short and shallow but I am very tired and very drained from “real life” and posting blogs all day.

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