My Future Classroom Awaits

To be honest, I really did not know what to expect coming into this class. I have never taken a class that focused this kind of context, however, I have already found my future teacher self very inspired. I am a junior English major striving for a certification in adolescent education. Within my education classes over the past two semesters we have spent much time discussing how to connect and engage students of many different backgrounds and cultures. I have concluded that it is important to include a wide range of curriculum that would attract a wide range of students and yesterdays in class activity only enhanced that understanding

After participating in the straddling activity, I found myself thinking about the activity in terms of education. This activity made it clear that every person has their own personal way of dealing with obstacles and struggles. When the activity was over, and we were all describing our experiences with the activity, no two people described the same experience. I found this very captivating due to the fact that the activity exhibits the diversity among all of us as humans and I think that idea is something teachers should always have in the back of their minds.

It has been empowering to me that so much of what we have already discussed within this class has already got me thinking about how I could apply it to my future classroom. Out of the course epigraphs one that has stood out to me was said by Dionne Brand and it states, “my job is to notice… and to notice that you can notice.” I found this epigraph very fitting when thinking about my future. I believe that every teacher should strive towards creating a safe and understanding environment that puts an emphasis on the importance of noticing, accepting, and implementing curriculum based around different cultures and backgrounds.

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