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I have always been infatuated by the world of art.

My love for art developed when I was younger, always thinking in my head and analyzing what was before me.

However my appreciation for art came later much later. The fall semester of my junior year I found myself in an entry level art class. This class taught me how to feel art; how to look at it. I didn’t just love the way it looked; I understood it. I was taught how to feel it, to know what the artist was trying to portray. Perhaps my favorite part of art is how the artist proclaims awareness for social issues.

This semester while skimming through courses online, something caught my eye: The Art of Steve Prince. I was confused because I knew of the dwindling art department Geneseo had to offer. Without another thought, I jumped at the chance and joined the class. A few weeks later, I viewed the syllabus and was immediately intimidated. I had no idea what this would entail. Steve Prince’s residency? Blog posts? I was out of my comfort zone.

It was not until the day we met Steve Prince that I realized how this course worked. The class stood up and smeared charcoal on giant sheets of paper. With charcoal smeared on our faces and our clothes, the class departed and I left in awe. “So we weren’t going to just sit in a room and look at a piece, huh?” I thought to myself. I guess I was wrong. And in a way I’m glad I was.

Ultimately, my goal is not to get any strong academic learning form this course. I think the course was designed to heighten each other existentially; teach each other how to learn differently and how to view different perspectives. We read an article by Brian Resnick that discussed how one can find it so hard to admit they’re wrong. I’ll admit I was wrong about my expectations for this class. But I believe that by being wrong, we can learn so much more about the world and ourselves. 

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