A Needed Self-Confidence Boost

As I start writing my last official blog post of the semester, I wanted to take this opportunity to share how this class impacted my confidence not only as a writer but an intellectual. Before this class, my confidence as a writer had dropped significantly. But because of this class, I was able to rediscover my writing confidence.

I had previously had a not-so-great semester in the fall, so I was hesitant to have to start blogging again. I was scared my writing wasn’t going to be as skilled as others. I shortly discovered, however, this class was not like my previous class with Doctor McCoy. Since the class was an interdisciplinary course, there were many non-english major students who were feeling the same way as I was intimidated.

After the first few classes, I engaged in many conversations with others about how they were nervous to blog as well. Because of that, I was able to gain some of my confidence back because I realized I wasn’t alone.

Throughout the class, I became confident in my writing again & I am truly thankful I decided to enroll in this course, even if it was scary at first.

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