Learning How To Blog

Originally, I wanted to dedicate my last blog post to one of the lectures I attended this semester. However, I started thinking about my first blog and how different it is from the rest that I have posted so far. In this last blog post, I will discuss my experience as a first-time blogger.

Writing my first blog post was very difficult for me. One of the major things that made it a difficult experience was my perception of blogging. Before, blogging appeared to me as some sort of area for what many consider to be “free writing.” So when I was given the task to write 10 blogs I knew I was going to have the same experience I did in high school when I had to free write; I was going to be horrible at it. And my first blog post did not tell me anything different. However, the style was just as I intended, Dr. McCoy described it as “open and conversational and thus eminently suitable for a blog post.” So when I received the grade I did I then wondered where did I go wrong? Dr. McCoy’s response to this question was that I needed to “SLOW DOWN” or as she says in class, “now unpack.” I then thought to myself how it was possible to have my writing be conversational but to also unpack its content.

After receiving Dr. McCoy’s advice, I decided to take a risk by writing my third blog post in a more academic tone. I reminded myself of what a typical essay consists of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Topic sentences
  3. Analysis
  4. Conclusion

Now how would I include all these things in my blog post and keep it conversational? I knew my AP Literature professor told me that a good essay has both quotes and analysis threaded throughout a paragraph. So I figured that the best way to have a conversational blog post and still be able to unpack was to thread the conversational and academic aspect throughout my blog posts. Therefore, I would be fulfilling both parts rather than having to choose one.

I think there is more to learn as I continue to blog. I now know how to intertwine both the conversational and academic parts the I was missing. I am eager to continue blogging!

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