This is NOT the End

Hi! I am back again with another blog post! I’ll admit, I have been putting off writing my last few posts but it was only for the sole reason that I was out of ideas on what I could write about. I usually pick the topics I wish to explore in my posts beforehand and then at some point actually write said posts. The problem? I ran out of topics. But naturally, all writers block comes to an end. And now I have come to explain to you why this is not the end. Or at least not for me. As I have begun to write my final reflection about the INTD 288 course two things have come to my attention. One is that I really loved taking this class even though I usually felt more confused than anything. Two, I realized how this class introduced me to so many topics that I wish to explore more in the future. My second realization I feel is more important because as a student in the INTD 288 course, I am always pushed to dig deeper to find more knowledge and understanding of any given topic. Professor McCoy’s biggest push for me was that I should really think about what I am saying, unpacking for the reader exactly what I mean, and being mindful of how I say what I mean. All of this I hope to bring in the next stages of my college career, in building upon topics I learned about in INTD 288. Racism, intersectionality, double-consciousness, perception, and sustainability are all topics that I was introduced to throughout the course, and I hope to further my understanding of them in the future. How? I am not too sure, but I will find out in the future as my knowledge on these topics grow and change. I hope to one day share my findings in a forum such as GREAT Day because all of these topics hold great importance in society and everyone should have some understanding of them. That being said, be on the lookout for research on an INTD 288 related topic in the near future. I am glad that this course held such an impact for me and I hope that future students of this course can learn from what I have posted previously.

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