light source and its forms

Energy comes in many forms and with that there comes new interpretations,“She handed me an AAA battery about as thin as one of fingers. The candle wouldn’t work unless you popped a battery into the handle. I looked back at the folks under the colonnade, reflexive hands over the plastic flame when a breeze started”,(Big Machine, 168). The idea of the light can be confusing because there is batteries being used to light this flame and there is still people having to use their hands to cover a flame that won’t easily burn out.The batteries I would also find a light source because there is fluid inside of them that allow them to connect with other things to produce a sound light or noise. One thing affects the other.


Sometimes drugs are able to make a person think or heighten your abilities which can either help or hurt the person taking them, “Ricky here was a heroin addict for almost twenty years, and somehow he thinks he’s better than you, Martin. I told you that’s how it would be, didn’t I?(Big Machine, 178) This was an interesting line to me because there are times where people seem to do better when medicated/ on drugs as in they feel as though they are able to grasp the concept because their mind is able to roam freely allowing more things to flow in. Light controls almost everything that we as humans use everyday for example the sun tells us day from night. The light source of fire is used to “shoot up” on heroin before it enters the body. Leaving from a job early can have both the positives and negatives,“Every bulb above my head had burst, and because of that every doorway was cloaked. When id left earlier that day, they’d been working fine. I turned around, confused by the change, and one foot ground into the shards of a lightbulb,”(Big Machine,196). This refers to the light bulb being shattered and needing to be used in order to have light for people to do their job the best way that they can.


This light can also have a double meaning because here at first I thought it was meant that the light inspired them by giving them hope and then when it was time to leave the bulbs shattered because they aren’t satisfied with whatever work was done or that they were afraid of not having guidance outside of the workplace. Having some of the workers doubt whether or not their working conditions are good enough throughout the book were questioned, “She said ‘doubt is the big machine. It grinds up the delusions of women and men,”(Big Machine, 205). Both men and women rely on doubt to help push them along to see the light that they all hope to get when succeeding at life trying new things bettering themselves and the people around them.


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