Immigration and Driving

A recent article in the Democrat and Chronicle discussed a new law about unauthorized immigrants receiving drivers licenses. This is a hot topic because New York will be only 1 of 13 states to pass a law like this. The Green Light Law will allow unauthorized immigrants the ability to apply for a drivers license within the state.

This law is a topic of debate because many people do not agree with it. Many people believe “offices are not equipped to determine the veracity of documents that can soon be submitted to obtain a license.” They think that there will be an influx of people who come in, looking to receive a drivers license and will have fake identification and documents. “”They want to us to make a decision right at the window as to whether something is fraudulent or acceptable,” Rensselaer Clerk Frank Merola said, adding, “I’m not going to make a major mistake.”” People do not want to risk making a mistake about whether the information is correct or not.

This is also a topic of debate because people believe this law would make it easier for undocumented and illegal immigrants to become legal in the US. People believe that “the law requires county clerks to participate in a “state-sponsored scheme” that would, in part, allow immigrants in the country illegally to register to vote in New York, which state officials have said would not be permitted.” They think that these illegal immigrants will do harmful thigs to our government and to people potentially. ” He also said a license would allow undocumented immigrants to drive vehicles that can transport heavy loads. Such vehicles are easily capable of transporting and hiding instruments of mass destruction, and would also facilitate other illicit smuggling activities which are unfortunately on the rise in this country, such as human trafficking and drug trafficking,” Merola’s lawsuit claims.” The law would allow these undocumented immigrants the ability to do more illegal things.

The law can also be a good thing. “This law will boost our state’s economy, improve road safety, and keep families together,” said Javier H. Valdés, co-executive director at Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy group.” The roads will be safer and more people will be safe and prosperous than if these immigrants continue to go without drivers licenses. The new drivers also go through driving courses and have to pass the test to get the license still. This would put more safe drivers on the roads.

The new Green Light Law is set to be passed on December 14th. Once the law passes there will most likely be an influx of people at the DMV’s looking to get a license. The law has court cases against it that will lead into 2020, so the law may be repealed.

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