Art Saves College Students’ Lives

During the Fall semester,  Professor McCoy passed out a flier for this class, The Art of Steve Prince. Even though I was interested in taking the course, especially a course that was so heavily driven with the focus on artwork, I didn’t have the time to fit it in my schedule. I was disappointed, however, I figured that there would be another opportunity to take a similar class in the future.

Things didn’t play out how I had wanted them to, so I found the time to take this class. I was thrilled to get into this class because I had not been able to find classes at Geneseo that are centered around art. The lack of art in my life has definitely hurt my soul a little.

When I think about the learning outcomes and the epigraph, I want to learn. They make me thirsty for more knowledge. My favorite type of learning is when I engage in a conversation with someone that studies a completely different set of skills than I do. I learn a lot of useless (but never really useless) information through conversations, which I usually remember and use at a later date.

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