Communicating With Others

While reflecting on the various class activities of this semester and the purpose behind them, I found myself relating this to my workplace, and the manner in which I am expected to behave and the values I am expected to embody. Some of these values coincide with the strategies and skills we learned or grew upon through the activities and class work of this semester. In the first weeks of class, Dr. McCoy showed us the purpose behind getting to know each other’s names. Continue reading “Communicating With Others”

Losing Your Identity

While discussing Colson Whitehead’s use of teeth in Zone One, Emma and I began to reflect on the significance of teeth historically. During the Holocaust, people were viewed as objects, so the qualities that defined them as unique individuals were stripped of them. Nazis separated families from each other, cut off the hair of women, burnt people, placed Jews in gas chambers, and even forcefully removed teeth of individuals with gold fillings. Continue reading “Losing Your Identity”

Issues with DNRs and Consent

The article, “An Unconscious Patient with a DNR Tattoo”, raises many important questions about the issue of consent and how to behave in ambiguous situations like this one. According to the article, the doctors initially disregarded the DNR tattoo on the chest of the unconscious, unidentified patient, treating him with IV antibiotics and vasopressors in attempts to stabilize his condition. Later, after seeking advice from an ethics consultant, it was determined that the doctors should honor the patient’s tattooed wish of not being resuscitated. Continue reading “Issues with DNRs and Consent”

A Wound That Cannot Heal

In class last week, Professor McCoy asked the question, “what does it mean when you have a wound that cannot heal.” This question interested me particularly in regards to people who have gone through unique situations and obstacles in life, which very few can relate to. PTSD is something that is seen throughout Morrison’s Home. After returning from war, Frank seems to have lost his meaning for life. In describing his hometown he says Continue reading “A Wound That Cannot Heal”

A Desperate Need for Change

There is no single story or event that defines a person’s life. Instead, we have countless stories that define who we are. Unfortunately, today we live in a society where people easily point fingers, or are quick to stereotype. The problem is that these stereotypes prevent people from knowing the whole story.  I thoroughly appreciated Chimamanda Adichie’s Ted Talk, especially with some of the recent political events. Adichie says that we are always quick to blame a corrupt or tyrannical group for any problem that may occur. Continue reading “A Desperate Need for Change”