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As I began to compose my draft for my Inspire paper, I first asked myself the very broad and general question, “What exactly inspires me?” For a minute or two, I was completely stumped. I felt as if the answer should have came easily. I expected it to roll right off of my tongue. But for a second, I really needed to actually consider what exactly inspires me. I also needed to unpack what exactly my definition of inspiration is.

I decided that for me, inspiration refers to something that makes me feel compelled to do something for the greater good. This is tweaked slightly from Merriam Webster’s definition of “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” In my case, I believe that inspiration is more of an emotion that I can feel building up in my chest, urging me to participate in a deemed “good” or possibly, “creative” act.¬†

My inspiration for today’s post was to share my own moments where I have felt particularly inspired. I am intrigued to learn about what inspires others, and I hope I inspire others to share their moments of inspiration as well. Maybe two or more individuals who share similar ideals about inspiration could be brought together, depicting an example of our course’s essential question.

  1. Octavia Butler inspires me. She was an author who has composed an art so exceptional, that we have an entire course dedicated to her fiction. I could only hope to someday have an impact on literature as large as that.
  2. The man who jumped my car this morning when the battery was clearly dead inspires me. This stranger took time out of his day to help a very uninformed car driver get back on the road. He made me want to spread an act of kindness towards another stranger.
  3. Akin inspires me. The fact that a young baby was able to learn so quickly and with such ease, inspired me to tackle my own studies.
  4. People who adopt puppies or kittens instead of buying them inspire me. Rescuing an animal is such a noble act.
  5. Teachers who spend their own money on resources for their students to be able to have a better learning environment. As a future educator, I hope to be just as selfless and devoted to teaching as them.
  6. Individuals who participate in the Paralympics. It is inspiring enough to be a world class athlete representing your country, but what inspires me even more are the Paralympic athletes who are so successful despite facing physical obstacles.
  7. Anyone who radiates kindness and happiness inspires me to smile!

Now I propose the question, what inspires you and what is your definition of inspiration (either in relation to the literature our course has discussed- or in your own daily life)?

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