The Grand Finale

Today is the day. The last day of our class time. And the day we present our final project. I am thoroughly excited, but in a similar fashion to Jennifer and Devin’s posts, I too have found the meaning of dangers with working with a partner. My struggles align with issues that Devin has discussed, in the instance that I did have trouble speaking up in front of a classroom full of such thoughtful and intelligent individuals. Being intimidated was most likely my biggest downfall. There were several moments in the group discussion where I would bite my tongue before speaking in fear of my ideas appearing to be useless. There were also several moments where I would bite my tongue just in pure fear of speaking in front of a large group, almost a stage-fright-like sensation.  Continue reading “The Grand Finale”

Inspiration Everywhere

As I began to compose my draft for my Inspire paper, I first asked myself the very broad and general question, “What exactly inspires me?” For a minute or two, I was completely stumped. I felt as if the answer should have came easily. I expected it to roll right off of my tongue. But for a second, I really needed to actually consider what exactly inspires me. I also needed to unpack what exactly my definition of inspiration is.

I decided that for me, inspiration refers to something that makes me feel compelled to do something for the greater good. This is tweaked slightly from Merriam Webster’s definition of “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” In my case, I believe that inspiration is more of an emotion that I can feel building up in my chest, urging me to participate in a deemed “good” or possibly, “creative” act.  Continue reading “Inspiration Everywhere”


A few classes ago, the topic of pheromones were first brought to my attention. However, just yesterday, my friend brought them up yet again when discussing topics in her human sexual behavior course- ultimately spiking my interest yet again. As I embedded myself into the internet to find out more about pheromones, I landed on the Smithsonian’s webpage, which defines pheromones as “airborne molecules that elicit a reaction in a member of the same species.” Continue reading “Pheromones”

What Is A Home?

In the very beginning of Fledgling, Wright questions where to bring Shori in order for her to reach a safe and secure location. She responds with “Home” (page 8) but a few moments later, she reveals a more truthful statement, changing her initial answer to “I don’t really have a home” (page 8). Granted, the readers eventually find out that her inability to figure out where she lives is due to the amnesia Shori is suffering from, but nevertheless, this notion of what, or where, a home is has been lingering in my brain since my first reading in this novel.  Continue reading “What Is A Home?”