Group discussion improvement

There was a great change in the way our class tackled the second day of working on our collective course statement. I think as a class we had a better understanding of what was expected of us and we were able to build on it. Maddie had notice a similar change which she talked about in her post on how we ended up using one of the Globe learning outcomes.

The first day the task at hand seemed very confusing. Since most of us have never done anything like this, it was very much out of our comfort zone. Personally, I had a hard time figuring out if what I wanted to say was even relevant to the paragraph we were asked to come up with. For some time I was working on steps farther down the line and did not even realize it. Also the concept of one scribe was a little awkward at first since it seemed like they were doing all the work. Gathering ideas that everyone was saying and linking them together is an extremely difficult task. Towards the end of the class we all worked on the paragraph together and each of us contributed an idea of how to shape our paragraph.

The second day everything was much smoother. We now understood how to narrow down our ideas to work on the task at hand. We were no longer just spitting out ideas but also sharing experiences. It seemed more like a discussion a group of friends would have. My group even went off topic and talked about where we were from and sports. The several minutes we spent getting to know each other better, I think actually brought us closer together and more comfortable with each other. By the end of the day I was no longer worried about expressing my ideas even if they were too much off topic. It could potentially spark an idea for someone else and they can bring it back to the point we needed to make. The second day flew by and we all worked together very well.

Overall I am enjoying this project. I am excited to see how we will continue to work together and what challenges are ahead.

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