Procrastination at its Finest

I was browsing the blog, reading everyone’s work and trying to decide what I should include in my final post to this forum. I stumbled upon Kyra’s post. Her and I share something in common, we both seem to have procrastinated this assignment like no other. Which is very much unlike me to do, but here I am. I wondered why I took so long to crank these posts out and reach the required amount but I do think Kyra’s reasoning of feeling a slight anxiety over other peer’s seeing my thoughts and opinions played a role in my procrastination. I was spending far too much time worrying about if my thoughts would sound profound enough to share on the internet. Once I bit the bullet and did it, however, my fears were dissolved.

I’m a pretty quiet person and usually don’t feel 100% comfortable sharing ideas or speaking up in groups of people, but I have to say that class really helped to eliminate some of that fear. Usually you’ll sit in a class and can pick out the ones who are very intelligent and are not afraid to make it known. I find that often in group settings in other courses, that I’ll have a thought and it will be shrugged off. But as soon as the louder individual in the group says the same thought in a slightly different way, everyone jumps at the idea and praises them. This has never once been the case in this class.

Every peer in this course has received every thought, idea, and opinion with open arms even if it is a little out there or not every agrees upon it. And for that, I just want to say thank you to everyone for just being genuinely great people who are open to the idea of inviting new ideas into any group discussion. This class was a rare occurrence but it’s one that helped me to feel a little bit more confident in sharing my ideas with my peers.

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