Line 72 Analysis

Line 72 really intrigued me so I decided to look into it a bit more.”Wanawake kwanzaa ovyo! Kazi menu wazungu!” which generally translates to “The women keep having children! It’s the work of you white men!” This quote heavily comments on the brutally one-sided nature of the slave trade and rape of black women by white men. The quote really made me think more largely about the history and modern reality¬†within the hyper-sexualization of black women. Black/African women have been branded as sexually deviant beings in terms of their relationships and interactions with Euro-hegemonic forces throughout history. The way that dominant groups in our history and society today have misrepresented women of color has led to a either a silencing of the topic of sexuality when it comes to black women or a conversation that places these groups as innately savage sexual beings. This places black women in a double bind that erases the histories of institutionalized rape that is referred to in the poem, as well as creates a dominant ideology of a racist/sexist stereotype that follows black women and the discussions of black sexuality, desire and gender relations.

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