One moment that stuck out to me and gave me a clearer picture of afro-futurism is the paragraph starting with “In Milan” (lines 65-70), in this section we can see examples of the ways the european and then western culture lied to, took advantage of and enslaved the african people. It leads someone to think about the ways these people would have advanced if they had not been influenced or poisoned by other more developed parts of the world. I believe
this is the main point a place like Wakanda is intended to display, a momument to all that could have been before contamination but maybe also a look to our current future with a abundance of undiscovered riches still in store.

One  paragraph that confused me, possibly more the diction than the content but either way, it took time to dissect the paragraph starting with “After the Deluge” (lines 723-729). After learning that deluge means flood, the idea of the wave of foreigners came to my mind in addition to zymotic meaning acute infectious diseases the picture was already becoming clearer about the wave of foreigners wiping away the africans. Followed by an african phrase siyafa, meaning “we die”.  This part is obviously clearer but paints a dark picture of the harsh reality.

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