One moment that stuck out to me and gave me a clearer picture of afro-futurism is the paragraph starting with “In Milan” (lines 65-70), in this section we can see examples of the ways the european and then western culture lied to, took advantage of and enslaved the african people. It leads someone to think about the ways these people would have advanced if they had not been influenced or poisoned by other more developed parts of the world. I believe Continue reading “Moments”

culture of just enough change

Something that struck me is when Snead says our society today has a “need for repetition”, a majority say they want change and equality for everyone when in reality they want it, if it benefits themselves and if the parts they liked about the culture before has remained unchanged. Our culture is our identity, so when we start to alter the fabric of our society we begin to alter ourselves. We begin to feel content and happy in this social bubble and when it bursts, unhappiness and civil unrest ensues. To avoid this we strive maintain this feeling of comfort and being content that we mistake for happiness “through a perpetual repetition of apparent consensus and convention that provide a sense of security, identification and rightness”. Progress just for progress’ sake should be done away with as well as the denial of changes that need to be made but don’t only because a large group of people won’t be impacted by them or may even be unhappy with them.