Afrofuturism and the Future of the U.S.

I have long struggled with the concept of Afrofuturism although I have had it defined for me several times. I think that the issue for me is understanding the real world application* of the Afrofuturist philosophy. I warn that I will present no answers here, indeed I possess none, yet I will ask quite a few questions. Additionally, I hope I do not offend any Afrofuturists or anyone for that matter, with my questions–they come from a place of ignorance not malice. 

I am confused as to the application of Afrofuturism. What would an Afrofutuistic world look like? If one to take on the United States and attempt to bring it into an Afrofuture, what would that look like? Would one divide the nation into separate cultures/subcultures? How would black and white culture interact? How would they be separated? What criteria would differentiate between the two, let alone other cultures within the U.S.?

These questions have been influencing my understanding, and by extension, not understanding of Afrofuturism. I would like to understand how (and if it is possible) to bring U.S. (and perhaps the world), into the Afrofuture.

* for lack of a better phrase, I intend no offense by using this turn of phrase.

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