Reliance on Others

Everyone relies on other people in their life, although some individuals might be reluctant to admit this reliance.  This reliance causes issues when the people you rely on fail to do what was expected of them. This is demonstrated in both the article “UN poverty official touring Alabama’s Black Belt: ‘I haven’t seen this’ in the First World” and through the texts we read during the semester. Continue reading “Reliance on Others”

Transitioning as a Class and Incorporating GLOBE

Through our discussion of the Geneseo Learning Outcomes for Baccalaureate Education (GLOBE) while all the outcomes are important, our group emphasized the importance of “Leadership and Collaboration” and “Diversity and Pluralism” during our construction of the collaborative course statement. Continue reading “Transitioning as a Class and Incorporating GLOBE”

Escaping an Epidemic

Throughout my reading of Clay’s Ark I constantly questioned myself on what I would do if I was put in the situation of the Maslin’s, infected and forced into a controlled enclave, where the disease was incurable but contained. I tried to understand the reasoning behind Blake’s leaving, which was for his daughters in search for a cure. However, I could not help but wonder if I would have been gutsy enough to leave the safety of the enclave if I had been in Blake’s shoes. Continue reading “Escaping an Epidemic”